Direct Real Estate Transactions

As real estate brokerage company, we only work with direct real estate transactions. We do not act as an intermediary and do not receive any funds or other forms of payment from our clients. This model ensures maximal transparency for all involved parties.

We act as an independent broker who recommends real estate projects which we believe have the potential to generate significant returns to our clients.
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All our clients purchase their properties directly from the developers we work with. All transactions are completely transparent as 1) the payment is made directly from the client to the developer and 2) the ownership of the purchased properties are transferred directly from the developer to the client. We always work with local professionals to make the transfer of ownership rights as straightforward as possible.

Once the real estate project is constructed and delivered, each client is entitled to an individual title deed proving the ownership of the purchased units. The title deed is issued by the local authorities and signed before a notary.
Real estate investing
Anti-Money Laundering
When working with certain real estate developers and clients in certain countries, we also help the developers to comply with the Money Laundering compliance legislation by carrying out different ‘customer due diligence’ measures to check that our clients are who they say they are.

The customer due diligence consists of taking specific steps to identify our customers and verifying their identities. In practice this means obtaining our customer’s:
• name
• photograph on an official document which confirms their identity
• residential address and date of birth
Real estate investing
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