Take advantage of our knowledge and experience

Atlas Nordic Group is your partner when investing in real estate internationally. Our vision is to make international real estate investing easy and profitable. Our business model makes it straightforward to invest as we handle all the research, due diligence, paperwork, legal questions, etc.

Making use of our expertise and experience gives you a serious advantage when purchasing real estate abroad. When purchasing a property in one of our projects you draw upon our knowledge and resources which in many cases is a better foundation for a real estate purchase abroad.

Purchasing properties in our projects means that you become the owner of the specific properties with usage rights, rental rights and the right to sell your property. In every project we also offer investors to have the usage and rental managed by a third party company or in some cases by a company specifically made for the purpose. This option makes the real estate purchase an entirely hands-off investment.
Real estate investing
Our team of brokers is the core of our sales division which by far is the largest department in our company. They are the primary point of contact with our clients and all clients are assigned their own personal broker.

The brokers come from many different backgrounds with various nationalities, but all share a common goal: Results. Their mentalities and mindsets are well aligned with the responsibilities in their positions in the company.
Real estate investing
Real estate investing
The analysts perform a critical job in researching and identifying the best markets to operate in as well as the most promising real estate projects.

Our analysts work in close contact with real estate agents and other important people in the real estate sector. They have access to huge amounts of data from different real estate markets which they scrutinize in order to find the best real estate deals.
The administrative team handles everything that does not relate to sales, analysis or top-level management directly – which of course amounts to a lot of tasks.

The team consists of an administrative officer and a handful of administrative assistants. Each member of the team has their own field of work. They have also been chosen for their individual skill sets which have qualified them to their specific roles in our company.
Real estate investing